Contemporary Florist
319 Hamilton Avenue, St. John's, NL
T: 709-739-8645
T: 1-866-739-8645
F: 709-736-8696
Note: Due to flower supply challenges, our florists may make substitutions.
However, they will stay as close as possible to what you ordered.
MD-189 Tulips - Brown Paper $29.95
Gift Wrapped $35.00
MD-198 Mixed Low Clutch Arrangement
MD-199 Simplistic Rose Arrangement
MD-200 Cut Flowers
$50.00, $75.00, $100.00
MD-201 Mandevilla Plant in Decorative Pot
MD-202 Plant Garden w/Pussywillow
MD-203 Cacti and Succulent Garden
MD-204 Plant Garden w/Kalanchoe
MD-205 Planter with Dogwood Framing
MD-206 Orchid Plant
MD-190 Cards by Kit - Custom Made Mother's Day Cards
$5.00 ea
MD-191 Contemporary Low Medium Vase Arrangement
MD-192 Traditional Tall Mixed Vase
MD-193 Tall Mixed Spring Vase
MD-194 Small Low Square Table Arrangement
MD-195 Classic Tall Cylinder Rose Vase (Red Only)
MD-196 Low Medium Square
Colourful Table Arrangement $75.00
MD-197 Large Modern Spring Vase
MD-187 Shades of pink mixed clutch
MD-186 Small mixed posey
MD-171 Six Rose Clutch
MD-158 Tulip Vase
MD-159 Gerbera Daisy Vase
MD-169 Low Square Mixed Vase
MD-180 Lavender Blue Vase
MD-172 Rose Bowl
MD-173 Premium 12 Rose Vase
MD-175 Mixed Vase
MD-181 Small Cylinder Vase